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But with the rise of mobile devices, scammers have added mobile apps to their repertoire.

Malware attacks on Android phones grew by 35% to nearly 18,000 new samples in the second quarter of 2013, according to Mc Afee. While the number of attempted mobile device hacks increased by just over a third, the total number of new malware applications discovered by Mc Afee researchers in the second quarter was double the number found in the first. It could trick you into paying for a fake dating app.

Finnish newspaper Iltalehti reported that numerous Badoo profiles were created without people's consent, and that people have reported Badoo's actions to the police.

According to Google's transparency report on the requests for search removals stemming from the "right to be forgotten" ruling, Badoo had the eight-highest number of URLs removed from Google Search, with Facebook, You Tube, Google Groups and Twitter receiving a higher number of these requests.

This trend suggests that cyber scam artists are honing their craft. Some scammers even “weaponize” legitimate apps, turning real programs into spying machines that siphon your location, contact and other data away from legal enterprises and funnel it into the black market. Don’t just click on any app no matter how cool it seems at first blush.

And just because you see it in the app store doesn’t mean it’s safe.

In the second quarter of 2013 alone, the number of new samples multiplied to more than 320,000, (which was double the number in the first quarter of this year)." data-reactid="20"The folks behind that scam were actually based in Russia, SC Magazine reported, not NSA headquarters.

In the second quarter of 2013 alone, the number of new samples multiplied to more than 320,000, (which was double the number in the first quarter of this year).“During the past two quarters we have catalogued more ransomware than in all previous periods combined,” Mac Afee found.

This photo is then verified in a minute by one of Badoo's 5,000 moderators.Suddenly your computer screen fills with illegal pornographic images of minors.You try to navigate away, but a warning screen branded by the National Security Administration’s Internet Surveillance Program pops up with the message: “Your computer has been locked due to suspicion of illegal content downloading and distribution.”You are then offered a sort of Hobson’s choice: Pay a fine immediately, or face prosecution for downloading child pornography.reported, not NSA headquarters.Mobile Apps That Are Unfamiliar to You" data-reactid="23"1.Mobile Apps That Are Unfamiliar to You It’s easy to think of spam and phishing as email-based scams.

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