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Users trickle in and out of the app though, and your boss relies on you to improve user engagement and retention.Questioning the relationship between your users and your app is a smart move, so ask yourself a handful of questions kickoff your strategy.Layering push notifications into your messaging strategy retains 1.5 percent more loyal users in the first month.That’s significant win considering the average retention rate is 7.5 percent by day 30 — 20 percent more loyal users!Messaging just once after they’ve gone MIA is also a case you want to avoid.You can create lifecycle campaigns that automatically send a series of messages that effectively re-engage users.

Tip: Treat Loyal Users Like VIPS Inside and Out of the App You’re the smartest marketer ever, and have already begun celebrating every achievement as discussed in the previous section.

This is part two of our four-part Critical Use Cases blog series on improving the mobile user lifecycle, through improved strategies for onboarding, engagement, and conversions.

If you missed part 1 of the mobile app use cases, here’s a quick six-minute read on .

Once the user returns, they can be automatically reassigned to an engaged users campaign that should help keep them coming back again and again.

Each of the topics just explained apply to specific moments in a user’s journey.

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