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Moreover, it presents a very nice satin look polishing.

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Its wood, with warmer colourful and and more veined than pear tree, which depending on the variety of fruit, is very pleasant to work.

Let me a comment on Amandier one of the wood species of the xylotheque French : Amboine English : Amboyna German : Indishes rozenholz Italian : Sandalo rosso Spanish : Amboina Dutch : Amboina Country : Philippines, Malaisie Trunks of wood : from 4 to 8 m Diameter : from 0.3 to 0.9 m Density : from 0.7 to 0.8Life : more than 300 years.

This is the name given to the wooden magnifier of Indies Padouk which presents a beautiful veining, slightly silky, for a nice orange.

For wood species from Europe area, called native woods ...., it's pieces of wood that I have selected on foot, cut in board by a sawyer who still practices in old way, then put to dry several years in barns where is no light.

For exotic and tropical woods called Tropical woods, from all the other area on earth, Africa, America, Asia ...

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