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This is all about how to get a man to commit for the long-term. And in that, there’s all kinds of interesting questions, like, Should you have sex on the first date? That really shows how people can feel the emotion from a personal message sent from one person to another!

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And the answer’s pretty straightforward: there’s lots of scientific evidence that, as long as they are used in the right way, the ideas and tactics in Capture His Heart are an extremely powerful tool in your relationship armory.Well, it turns out that text messages have considerable power to reflect emotion.In counseling, it’s becoming common for one person to bring in text messages from their partner to show the counselor!In the first part of Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever, author Claire Casey begins by reiterating why you might want a relationship.Frankly I think that’s a bit unnecessary, as I’m sure you know why already. Maybe you’re not in a relationship because you’ve been looking for the perfect man.

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