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But they hate my guts.” She grabbed my arm and said, “If people don’t like you and don’t get your message, that’s their bad taste. never said a word to me about my sexuality, but Paramount talked to Tony and told him not to see me anymore. How do you think it might have been different if you were a young gay movie star today?

Just do the best you possibly can.” I never forgot that. Being a romantic leading man in those days, and even today, you can’t be gay.

All the while, the ambitious young actor was keeping his sexuality and private life a secret from the world.

When playing the lead in his junior high school’s play, his role called for planting a kiss on the female lead just before the final curtain.On opening night the kiss incited a riot, with students jumping on their seats and throwing hats, books and sweaters.He was just learning the effect his looks could have on people, although he forever remained embarrassed by it.He’s happy with his quiet life in Santa Barbara, his relationship, and particularly with his horse Harlow. Director Biography Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Jeffrey Schwartz’s previous feature documentaries include, about the drag superstar and muse of John Waters, and “Vito” for HBO Documentary Films, about gay activist and film scholar Vito Russo.The tall, strapping, blond-haired, blue-eyed Tab Hunter was Hollywood’s golden boy of the 1950s — and quite possibly the most beautiful all-American boy who ever lived.

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