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Hunter, who was a filmmaker hired to work on his campaign, gave birth in February 2008, but Edwards didn’t admit paternity until January 2010.His wife, whom he was since separated from, died later that year after a battle with breast cancer.So she took that bit and put it on her computer as a screen saver in order to watch it over and over again.”10.Despite all the lies and drama, “the love is here.”Well, the jury’s out: “I really have absolutely no idea what will happen with us,” Hunter writes at the end of her memoir.Things were tense with Johnny, who phoned her while she was in the recovery room.

Hunter’s early motherhood musings: “Breast-feeding is weird.”Another profound observation we really didn’t want to hear from America’s most notorious baby mama: “Breast-feeding is weird.” She’d been to hell and back after the National Enquirer leaked pregnant photos of her, but none of that mattered once Frances Quinn Hunter was born. was that as much as I loved her father (more than I had ever loved any man), I hadn’t even begun to touch love until Quinn came,” she writes about the day her daughter came into the world.“Not at all.” RELATED: Rielle Hunter Still Thinks John Edwards Is Hot Hunter, who has a daughter, Quinn, 4, with Edwards, said she still loves the former presidential candidate.As for whether that feeling is mutual, “You have to ask him,” said Hunter, whose relationship with Edwards ended his bid for the presidency and his marriage to Elizabeth Edwards.Hunter keeps smearing Elizabeth Edwards, the wife whose family she helped wreck?The mistress claims that Edwards was “bonkers” and all the while acting like a “saint” in public.

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