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Their paths converge in various ways, of which I won't tell to leave some mystery to the reader.

The chiropractor (Lauren Graham) eventually becomes Arlen's romantic interest.

Although there are a couple turn points and their consequences that felt predictable but in all I'd say it wasn't that predictable because of the characters not being formulaic.

I thought the pacing was in general nice and enjoyable.

This film centers around Arlen, who is a irritable man who once authored an existential book but now lives in recluse and away from prying eyes. Partially due to not wanting the fame but partially due to having his own personal demons and issues.

His character I find fully believable because there are many people who write a book or several books but don't want the fame handed them, they just simply wanted to write a good story or get their thoughts out, the fame was mere collateral damage. Along comes a struggling chiropractor who is trying to get her own business going and also a struggling recovering alcoholic who is trying to keep his small bookstore open.

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When Arlen first tries to sell books to the bookstore he is taking a different number to or from the cart or counter each time the camera leaves and returns to his character (takes two but has three and visa versa).

But it is not a simple or easy relationship and I don't feel that Arlen makes a magical unbelievable change as the prior review states.

He is at first softened by her professional expertise and out of appreciation seems to let a door open and try to get to know her.

Love the performances of all the key players, especially Chris Pine and Bre Blair... Ryan Craig is a first rate writer and director, not just a good one.

and the ones playing the 'major eff ups' do an extremely fine job, too. He has a fine touch for the human in us, while finding a sterling silver lining in the cloud.

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