Who is chad ochocinco dating

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He spoke with about dating and how he really feels about Black women. Those who know me didn't think twice about it because they already know how I am. It's a lose-lose for me because no matter how I do it, there's going to be an argument. It's not that there's not enough of us because I'm going to deal with y'all anyway, I always have. I'm trying to find happiness for me and it doesn't come from just dealing with one type of woman. OCHOCINCO: Black, White, Chinese, I don't care what you are. I want somebody who is fun, has a personality and can cook and take me to Mc Donald's.

ESSENCE.com: Your show "Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch" premiered on Sunday and you've caught a lot of flack because you only chose two Black women. I did Wendy Williams yesterday and I said for those who are offended about it, I apologize. ESSENCE.com: Are you surprised that Black women feel the way they do about your show? I've never heard other races complaining about their men dating outside of their race besides Black people. [People] make it an issue because it's now on camera. Keep your nails and your feet done, and we're good to go. Someone fun and outgoing, passionate about life in general, a go-getter with a sense of humor.

The new woman in his life is model and self-described "occasional dog whisperer" Zoe Baron, who, according to her Instagram feed, enjoys açai, watermelon, bikinis, and romantic walks along the beach with her "bae." Fun fact: The only way to make a "Titties" bro tank more offensive is to tie-dye it.

When your life is paradise you don't need to go to Paradise 🤘 #Bachelor In Paradise • • • Want a booty like this?

ESSENCE.com: Can you understand where some Black women are coming from? Beautiful is okay, but I've dealt with beautiful women so many times before and they had nothing else to offer. ESSENCE.com: Why did you choose to do "The Ultimate Catch" and what are you getting out of it? ' I haven't been successful at dating so I thought why not try something different. ESSENCE.com: You're Ochocinco, why is it hard for you to find a good date?

OCHOCINCO: I'm single for one, and I don't have anyone. OCHOCINCO: There's a saying: "Just because you have money doesn't mean you're happy." Just because I'm Ocho doesn't mean I'm supposed to have a woman either. I don't understand why they're making such a big deal about it.

The Cincinnati Bengals player popped the question to the "Basketball Wives" star on Tuesday, according to Let the hating begin."In August, the NFL player, who was starring on his own VH1's reality show "Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch" in which 85 women vie for his attention, had come under fire for his incessant tweets about his love life – mainly because his posts had nothing to do with the women he met on the show., TMZ reported.Ochocinco, 32, had begun dating Lozada and couldn't keep quiet on Twitter about their relationship.Johnson started his career in 2001 after being drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals in the second round of the 2001 NFL Draft.He played for the Bengals till 2010 and he was released from the team due to his propensity for bragging and his continual negligence for the authority.

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