What to do when dating a married man

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If the agency is successful, word of mouth advertising starts bringing more clients.

Also, agencies receive a number of applications via websites.

The strong point of Western agencies is their large databases, but it turns out to be their weakness as well: the larger the database is, the more difficult it is to manage and keep it up to date.

That's why applying to women who have been in the database of a large agency for a long time is like trying to buy a car with the help of private ads from last year's newspaper.

Competition on the marriage market is rather tough, and active searchers move from one agency to another trying to find one that will really help.

Also, some agencies buy or rent addresses from local dating agencies and profits from sales.

The agency invites all female clients to participate in "socials" though usually only ladies from the same city attend the events; most of women cannot afford to travel.

The agency places advertisements in local media announcing the forthcoming gathering to ensure enough attendants.

The agency usually indicates if a woman has access to email, and women who have such an advantage do not stay single for long.

But addresses and corresponding services are not where agencies make real money.

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