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I am about 10 years older than all of my employees.

We have a great team and great working relationships.

By putting it off, you’re signaling that you’re okay with it.

You need to tell them in no uncertain terms that what you saw was unacceptable and never to happen again, and you need to take that sheet you found at the printer and find out what on earth is going on with that — and put a clear and direct stop to it too.

You also probably need to take a look at who’s on your team, whether they belong there, and what kind of culture is in place that has allowed them to think this is (a) reasonable and (b) something that you wouldn’t notice.

It is absolutely true that when you have a team of 10 people who are all in their first professional job, weird pack behavior can develop.

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They were not doing this on the clock (they had both clocked out, I immediately checked).This “Duck Club” is a club people at work where people get “points” for having sex in these locations around the office.I think that is also where the quacking comes into play.I get that you’re embarrassed to have to talk to people about this at all. It’s going to be far, far more embarrassing if your manager finds out at some point that you knew about this and said nothing.You will look complicit and you will look like you shared in your staff’s bad judgment.

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