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EW: This is what we do with every kind of celebrity we work with — we're like, "Listen, we're huge fans of yours. "Tiny lamborghini / Got my hands on my weenie / As I ride around town with my pants down." I have been waiting for this day for so long. (It took months, but I did get to watch every episode through it.) To quickly preface for those unfamiliar: Tim & Eric are a sketch comedy duo who, working under [adultswim], created one of the most surreal, fast-paced, and hypnotizing shows I've ever seen through the most unorthodox methods possible - choppy editing, a heavy reliance on non-actors, and enough gross-out and scatological humor to last a lifetime.If you can imagine the men that we cast to do this…you don't want them anywhere near your baby.How do you get so many awesome people to appear in videos?One time when we were all there, they took me out and gave me a tour of Baltimore, like all these thrift shops and we went to the Lexington Market and had crabs. I think they were into my show, and I was into their music, and we always thought it would be great to make something together. I mean, there was this one tour where we literally lost our minds and we had no money.

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Zimmerman just before, during, and after learning he had won the prize.There's a documentary about this that this guy shot that everyone wants me to edit. One was called Sola, one was called The Science Of.But the singer died, and he was a good friend of mine. It was almost like real-life Jackass, before Jackass existed. They're kind of instrumental, Tortoise-inspired prog rock-y bands. So that's where the inspiration to make music videos came from. Even in high school, I've always been drawn to movies like that, and visual things like Richard Avedon's photographs of strange people, really close-up, seeing all of their flaws, which I think are like these beautiful things. When I was a photographer, all I did was portraits of people in my neighborhood in South Philly, these really interesting people that just with one little frame, you can see their whole life. Tim and I are shooting a new pilot called Tim and Eric's Bedtime Stories. It's like a Twilight Zone short film anthology series.Like many of us, Heidecker’s Dylan — which sounds like the name of a complex math formula — is unsure about this whole thing. “Look into my eyes, babe, and see how I despise the prize,” he sings.Eric Wareheim, one half of the comedy duo Tim and Eric and a frequent creator of music videos for indie bands, recently directed the bizarre and beautiful video for Beach House's "Wishes." It stars Ray Wise (otherwise known as Leland Palmer in Twin Peaks), and takes place in what must be the world's strangest halftime show — think horse heads and plenty of iridescent, psychedelic colors. We actually had to cut a bunch of ideas that I wanted to do because it was a much bigger, more ambitious project than I originally anticipated.

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