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At the same time, information is presented on how SHM sensing interfaces with smart and functional materials operating in dynamic systems. LOPEZ-ANIDO Performance Monitoring of an Existing Concrete Bridge using Strain Measurement Data ADEKUNLE P. FRANKLIN Sequential Importance Sampling Algorithm in Damage Detection of a Cable Stayed Bridge MOHAMMAD AZARBAYEJANI and ALY I. OSTACHOWICZ Torsional Waves for Load Monitoring of Cylindrical Waveguides JABID QUIROGA, LUIS EDUARDO MUJICA, RODOLFO VILLAMIZAR, MAGDA RUIZ and JHONATAN CAMACHO Transducer Placement Option for Ultrasonic Lamb Wave Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) on Damage Tolerant Aircraft Substructure VINCENTIUS EWALD, ROGER M. SÁNCHEZ-ROMATE, DIEGO SCACCABAROZZI, SIMONE CINQUEMANI, FLAVIA LIBONATI, ALFREDO GÜEMES and ALEJANDRO UREÑA Printed Electronics for Structural Health Monitoring: Automating the Identification of Cohesive Damage Parameters FELIX HEINRICH and ROLF LAMMERING Reliability Assessment for Nano Engineered Fatigue Crack Sensor SETH S. DUNN Self-Sensing Health of Carbon Composite Pultrusion Strength Members ROBERT S. CROSS Vibration-based Damage Localization and Estimation Via the Stochastic Functional Model Based Method (FMBM)—An Overview SPILIOS FASSOIS, CHRISTOS SAKARIS and JOHN SAKELLARIOU Resilience to Extreme Events: A Bayesian Nonparametric Approach MILAD MEMARZADEH and MATTEO POZZI Verification of Fatigue Path Probability Integration (FPPI) for Fatigue Risk Management with Multiple Maintenance Options TZIKANG CHEN and MICHAEL SHIAO SPECIAL SESSION: RECENT ADVANCES IN ULTRASONICS AND ACOUSTIC EMISSION TECHNIQUES FOR SHM/NDE A Deep Learning Approach for Single-sensor Acoustic Emission Source Localization in Plate-like Structures ARVIN EBRAHIMKHANLOU and SALVATORE SALAMONE A Mechanics-informed Method for Real-time Acoustic Emission Source Classification During Fatigue Loading of Composite Structures DIMITRIOS ZAROUCHAS A Structural Health Monitoring Technique for the Reconstruction of Impact Forces in Aerospace Components MARIO EMANUELE DE SIMONE, FRANCESCO CIAMPA and MICHELE MEO A Robust-to-parameterization Clustering Fusion Approach for Monitoring Damage Onsets and Growth using Acoustic Emission EMMANUEL RAMASSO, VINCENT PLACET, XAVIER GABRION and M.A large number of SHM applications are explained, including additive manufacturing, advanced composites, actuators, bolts, corrosion, machinery, nuclear plants, phone towers, piping, robots, tainter gates, underground infrastructure, and many more. EL-OSERY SHM Application to USACE Large Civil Infrastructure: Development of Trunnion Friction Detection Methodology for Radial (Tainter) Gates MATTHEW D. ALEXANDER Stiffness Identification of Stiffness Identification of High-rise Buildings via Subspace and Inverse-mode Methods IZURU TAKEWAKI, YUHEI FUJIMORI and KOHEI FUJITA Study on the Monitoring Method of Windinduced Response of Transmission Tower Structure Based on Dynamic Analysis LUO YUEJING, WANG LONGLIN, DENG NIANCHUN and WANG HAILONG Towards an Automated Damage Detection System for Miter Gates on Navigation Locks: Detecting Boundary Condition Degradation BRIAN A. GROVES and RINZE BENEDICTUS Interrogation of Linear/nonlinear Features of Guided Waves for Characterizing Hypervelocity Impact-induced Pitting Damage in Shielding Structures MENGLONG LIU, CLIFF J. SELLERS and ELIAS PATTEN Sensitivity Improvement of MWCNTs/Epoxy Composite Strain Sensor MUN-YOUNG HWANG, MYEONGCHEOL KANG and LAE-HYONG KANG Strain Sensor Made by Thick-film Resistors on Substrates of Glass Ceramic XINCHUN GUAN, MING WEN, HUI LI and JINPING OU Structural Health Monitoring of Elastomeric Composites using Mechanoluminescence VISHNU BABA SUNDARESAN and SRIVATSAVA KRISHNAN Structural Health Monitoring of Multifunctional Fibre Metal Laminates under Mode I Loading BJÖRN BOSBACH, CHRISTOPH OHLE and BODO FIEDLER Structural Hybrid Layer for Critical Strain Detection in Composite Parts: A Multifunctional Approach FRANCESCO RIZZO, ONORIO IERVOLINO, FULVIO PINTO and MICHELE MEO UAV Structure Integrated Energy Storage and Management System PIOTR GÓRNY and TADEUSZ UHL Numerical Model for Characterization of Multifunctional Energy Storage Composite Cells, Modules, and Systems YINAN WANG, ANTHONY BOMBIK, PURIM LADPLI, FOTIS KOPSAFTOPOULOS and FU-KUO CHANG SPECIAL SESSION: PROBABILISTIC SHM A Probabilistic Approach to Improve SHM Scheme KEERTHY M SIMON, RAKESH SHIVAMURTHY, NITIN BALAJEE RAVI, NIBIR CHAKRABORTY, DEBIPROSAD ROY MAHAPATHRA and CHRISTIAN BOLLER Bayesian Calibration and Bias Correction for Forward Model-driven SHM PAUL GARDNER, ROBERT J. LAMINE BOUBAKAR CFRP-Concrete Debonding Detection and Monitoring using Low Cost Piezoceramic Sensors SHUKUI LIU, JINYING ZHU and HONGWEN JING Characterization of Distributed Cracks in Concrete using Randomly Scattered Wavefield Extraction HOMIN SONG and JOHN S.

Airbus Roadmap and Typical Solutions MARIE-ANNE DE SMET An Introduction to the Heterogeneous SHM System for a Super-large-scale Multiple-tower Suspension Bridge HUAPING DING, QINGHONG SHEN and SIDAN DU Bridge Impact Detection and Classification using Artificial Neural Networks JASE D. STORY and YASHA ZEINALI First Steps Toward Integration of Structural Health Monitoring and Non-Destructive Evaluation Data for Decision Making SHI YE, XIANGANG LAI, IVAN BARTOLI, FRANKLIN MOON, A.978-1-60595-330-4, September 2017, 3,338 pages, two volumes, 6×9, hardcover • Value-adding strategies for managing SHM information and interacting with big data • Verification and certification of SHM for aircraft • Vision-based and machine-learning approaches to expand and improve SHM • Special sections on SHM in medical devices and biological systems, smart materials and sensors, condition-based maintenance, dynamic data driven application systems (DDDAS), and more This two-volume book set contains over 400 papers reporting research on the hardware, software, and data outputs of structural health monitoring. ROSANIA and FU-KUO CHANG Data-driven Pattern Recognition Model Employing Auditory Receptors for Human-based Structural Health Monitoring System SHERVIN KHAZAELI, ADAM ZIABARI, PARSA BANDAMIRI and ERIK COOK Defect Imaging on CFRP and Honeycomb Composite Structures by Guided Waves Generated and Detected by a Sparse PZT Array ANDRII KULAKOVSKYI, BASTIEN CHAPUIS, OLIVIER MESNIL, NAS-REDINE BEDREDDINE, OSCAR D’ALMEIDA and ALAIN LHÉMERY Determining the Deformed Shape of Beams using the Conjugate Beam Method and Strain Measurements CORRIE KAVANAUGH and BRANKO GLISIC Enhanced Empirical Wavelet Transform with Application to Rolling Bearings Fault Diagnosis XIAOTONG TU, YUE HU and FUCAI LI Impact Localization using Sparse PWAS Networks and Wavelet Transform ASAAD MIGOT and VICTOR GIURGIUTIU Model-assisted Assessment of Damage Detection and Localization using Guided Wave-based Imaging Techniques JÉRÉMY MORIOT, NICOLAS QUAEGEBEUR, ALAIN LE DUFF and PATRICE MASSON NDT Approaches to Optimize Acoustics Based SHM Systems for Anisotropic Composite Structures R. BOLLER Remote Mechanical Vibration Sensing: A Comparison Between CW-Doppler Radar and Laser-Doppler Vibrometer Measurements AMIT SHRESTHA, RAHUL KUMAR, FABIAN DORNUF, JOCHEN MOLL, VIKTOR KROZER and MATTHIAS SCHMIDT Signal-based Versus Nonlinear Model-based Damage Sensitive Features for Delamination Quantification in CFRP Composites MERIEM GHRIB, MARC RÉBILLAT, NAZIH MECHBAL, LAURENT BERTHE and MIKHAIL GUSKOV Statistical Based Features Vector for Skin-stringer Debonding Detection BERNARDINO GALASSO, MONICA CIMINELLO, FRANCESCA MARIA PISANO and ANTONIO CONCILIO Transfer Impedance Approach to Damage Detection and Localization Based on RAPID Imaging Algorithm KRZYSZTOF DRAGAN, MICHAL DZIENDZIKOWSKI and ARTUR KURNYTA Use of Time-frequency Damage Sensitive Features for Structural Damage Diagnosis SHIEH-KUNG HUANG, YIZHENG LIAO, CHIA-MING CHANG, CHIN-HSIUNG LOH, ANNE KIREMIDJIAN and RAM RAJAGOPAL ELECTROMECHANICAL IMPEDANCE BASED METHODS Electromechanical Impedance-based Damage Identification Enhancement using Integrated Bistable and Adaptive Piezoelectric Circuitry JINKI KIM and KON-WELL WANG Electromechanical Impedance Sensitivity Analysis Based Structural Health Monitoring using Sub-frequency for Compensating Temperature Effects YANGLEI ZHAN, LI XIAO and WENZHONG QU Model-based Evaluation of Electro-mechanical Impedance Measurements for Detection and Size Identification of Face Layer Debondings in Sandwich Panels CHRISTOPH KRALOVEC, MARTIN SCHAGERL and THOMAS ERLINGER Optimum Reduction of Electrodes Needed for Delamination Identification using Electrical Resistance Tomography LUIS WALDO ESCALONA-GALVIS, PAULINA DIAZ-MONTIEL and SATCHI VENKATARAMAN Study of Adhesive Bonds by Mechanical Tests, Ultrasounds and Electromechanical Impedance Method PAWEŁ H. CORTEZ LEDESMA, ROTHSCHILD ALENCASTRO ANTUNES and JOZUÉ VIEIRA FILHO Measurement and Modelling of Thermal and Mechanical Anisotropy of Parts Additively Manufactured using Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) ANDREW M. MAJUMDAR, BRITTANY RUMLEY-OUELLETTE, JACOB WAHRY, ALEXANDRIA N. BERNARDIN and DUSAN SPERNJAK PROGNOSTICS AND HEALTH MANAGEMENT Adaptive Prognosis of Fatigue Damage Based on the Combination of Particle Filters and Neural Networks CLAUDIO SBARUFATTI, FRANCESCO CADINI and MARCO GIGLIO Battery Aging and Fuel Efficiency as Optimization Objectives as Part of a Real-time Operating System of a Multi-source HEV BEDATRI MOULIK and DIRK SÖFFKER Integrated Prognostic Model for RUL Estimation using Threshold Optimization ROSMAWATI JIHIN, DIRK SÖFFKER and NEJRA BEGANOVIC Multi-parameter Fibre Optic Sensing System for Remote Condition and Operation Monitoring of Gearbox Bearings in Rack and Pinion Jacking Systems ERIC VAN GENUCHTEN, JOSÉ MARÍA ÁLVAREZ and STIJN VAN EESBEEK New Methodology for Testing Flight Actuators in Aiding Loads Catering for Large Prognosis Data Needs G. HUFF Application of Model Assisted Probability of Detection (MAPOD) to a Guided Wave SHM System GREGORY JARMER and SETH S.While offering investigations into how sensors, networks, and signaling systems are used in dozens of civil and military applications, a special feature of this book is its exploration of how structural health is being enhanced by new ways of handling data, in real time and in batches. KESSLER Compact Laser Ultrasound Scanner for Wide-Area Persistent Monitoring JACOB SENECAL, ABRAHAM JARQUE and ERIC FLYNN Compressive Sensing and Local Wavenumber Estimations for Fast Damage Imaging with Guided Waves Inspections YASAMIN KESHMIRI ESFANDABADI, ALESSANDRO MARZANI and LUCA DE MARCHI Damage Detection in a Composite T-Joint using Guided Lamb Waves MARILYNE PHILIBERT, YING WANG, KUI YAO, CONSTANTINOS SOUTIS and MATTHIEU GRESIL Damage Detection in Complex Composite Material Structures by using Elliptical Triangulation Method ASSUNTA SORRENTINO and ANGELO DE FENZA Experimental Analysis of Digital Data Communication in Intelligent Structures using Lamb Waves JOCHEN MOLL, MORITZ MÄLZER, NICOLA TESTONI, LUCA DE MARCHI and ALESSANDRO MARZANI For the Practical Use of a Lamb Wave-based SHM System HIDEKI SOEJIMA, KOHEI TAKAHASHI, MEGUMI HIRAKI, YOJI OKABE, NOBUO TAKEDA and NORIYUKI SAWAI Ground Penetrating Radar for Material Characterization in Structural Health Monitoring Applications ISABEL MORRIS, HIBA ABDEL-JABER and BRANKO GLISIC Guided Wave Generation and Propagation in Piezoelectric Composite Plates for Establishing Structural Self-awareness YANFENG SHEN and JUNZHEN WANG Guided Wave Mode Selection for Microstructure-sensitive Mutual Wave Interactions MOSTAFA HASANIAN, GLORIA CHOI and CLIFF J.FREDERIC CEGLA and JON ALLIN AEROSPACE STRUCTURES A Damage Imaging Method Based on MUSIC Algorithm of Linear Sensor Array for Aircraft Structure QIAO BAO, SHENFANG YUAN and LEI QIU A Robust and Effective Approach Towards Accelerated Dent-mapping using a Purposebuilt 3D Optical Inspection Tool HOWARD CHUNG, PIA BÖTTCHER, ERIK KLAAS and ARUN CHHABRA Characterization of Lamb Waves Propagation Behavior in Friction Stir Welded Joints of Dissimilar Materials MOHAMMAD ALI FAKIH, JAAFAR TARRAF, SAMIR MUSTAPHA, MOHAMMAD SAID HARB, HONGJIAN WANG, GEORGES AYOUB and RAMSEY HAMADE Delamination Detection of Composites Based on a Bivariate Gamma Function Approach SANG-YOUL LEE, GYU-DONG KIM and FU-KUO CHANG Detecting Cracks in Helicopter Frame Station Structure using Unified Change Detection WENYI WANG Development of a Remote Acquisition and Transmission System of Strain Measurements in an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Damage Detection JOHAM ALVAREZ-MONTOYA, ALEJANDRO CARVAJAL-CASTRILLÓN, LEONARDO BETANCUR-AGUDELO, FERNEY AMAYA-FERNÁNDEZ, JULIANA NINO-NAVIA and JULIÁN SIERRA-PÉREZ Evaluation of NDT by Robotic Line Scan Thermography on Composite Aircraft Parts MARGARET LISON, PATRICK HENDRICK, PIERRE SERVAIS and YANNIK DUFOUR Guided Elastic Waves in CFRP Plates with Random Material Properties EUGEN ZIMMERMANN, ARTEM EREMIN and ROLF LAMMERING Health Monitoring of Full-Scale Aerospace Systems using Networked Acoustic Emission Sensors MULUGETA A. CROSS Damage Classification in Aeronautic Structures using Guided Waves MARIA MOIX-BONET, BENJAMIN ECKSTEIN, MARTIN BACH, PETER WIERACH and MARTIN WIEDEMANN Degradation Entropy: An Acoustic Emission Based Approach to Structural Health Assessment ALI KAHIRDEH, HUISUNG YUN and MOHAMMAD MODARRES Delta-T Acoustic Source Localization for Plate with Holes WEE HOE NG, KUN YANG CHIAM and CHAN GHEE KOH Enhancing the Robustness of Nonlinear Ultrasonic Testing by Implementing 1D Phononic Crystals AMIR MOSTAVI, MINOO KABIR and DIDEM OZEVIN Full-field Ultrasonic Data Analysis Based on Statistical Covariance Method SEE YENN CHONG and MICHAEL D. DESAI Baseline-Subtraction-Free (BSF) Damage-scattered Wave Extraction for Stiffened Isotropic Plates JIAZE HE, PATRICK E. LESER Bio-robotic ROV Design for Pipe-work Opto-sensorial Safety-inspections TOMMY D’AGOSTINO, MICHELE MEO and MAURO ZARRELLI Identification of the Location and Level of Loosening in a Multi-bolt Structure using Nonlinear Ultrasound GIAN PIERO MALFENSE FIERRO and MICHELE MEO Damage Diagnosis in Composite Materials under Applied Load with Guided Waves-based SHM COLLEEN L. OSTACHOWICZ ENVIRONMENTAL AND OPERATIONAL EFFECTS A Novel Heatsink for Thermo-Electric Power Harvesting of Structural Health Monitoring Systems SALVATORE BOCCARDI, ONORIO IERVOLINO, GIOVANNI LOISI, FRANCESCO CIAMPA and MICHELE MEO An Enhanced Guided Wave-Gaussian Mixture Model for Aircraft Structural Damage Monitoring under Varying Environmental and Operational Conditions LEI QIU, SHENFANG YUAN and FANG FANG Principal Component Analysis and Artificial Neural Network Framework for Damage Detection Strategy under Varying Operational Loading Conditions SHARAFIZ ABDUL RAHIM, GRAEME MANSON and KEITH WORDEN Thermal Effect Identification and Bridge Damage Disclosure by using Blind Source Separation Method YANJIE ZHU, ANDRE JESUS, IRWANDA LAORY and YUAN REN MODELLING, SIMULATION, AND DIGITAL TWIN A Categorical Approach Towards Metamodeling Cyber-physical Systems DMITRII LEGATIUK, MICHAEL THEILER, KOSMAS DRAGOS and KAY SMARSLY A New Ultrasonic Immersion Technique to Retrieve Anisotropic Stiffness Matrix for Dispersion Curves Algorithms DARUN BARAZANCHY, WILLIAM ROTH and VICTOR GIURGIUTIU A Simplified Treed Gaussian Process Approach to the Modelling of Bridge Data for Structural Health Monitoring TIANWEI ZHANG, ROBERT BARTHORPE and KEITH WORDEN Characterizations of Fundamental SH Wave Generation using a Fully Coupled Dynamic Model PENG LI, SHENGBO SHAN and LI CHENG Crack Initiation and Growth Acoustic Emission Analysis with Finite Element Analysis for Structural Health Monitoring of Mooring Chains ÁNGELA ANGULO, SLIM SOUA, JANE ALLWRIGHT, TAT-HEAN GAN and CRISTINEL MARES Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Simulation of the On-line Structural Health Monitoring System BHUIYAN SHAMEEM MAHMOOD EBNA HAI and MARKUS BAUSE Mitigation of Adhesive Nonlinearity in Nonlinear-Lamb-wave-based SHM Systems SHENGBO SHAN, FUZHEN WEN and LI CHENG Modeling, Simulation and Analysis of Electromechanical Impedance-based SHM using Finite Element ROTHSCHILD ALENCASTRO ANTUNES, NICOLÁS E. TURRA and JOZUÉ VIEIRA FILHO Modeling, Simulation and Analysis of Temperature Effects on Impedance-based SHM Applications using Finite Elements BÁRBARA MORAIS GIANESINI, NICOLÁS E. SUNDERMEYER SIGNAL PROCESSING A Method based on Pseudo Excitation Method to Analyze Random Dynamic Stress of Railway Vehicle System HANFEI GUO, XIAOXUE LIU, WEIDONG HE, WEI TONG and YOUWEI ZHANG A New Strategy for Damage Identification in SHM Systems by Exploring Kappa Coefficient MARIO A. GERBER and BRANKO GLISIC Associated Data Analysis and Application Based on the Stress Measurements WEI LU, JUN TENG, RUNFA WEN and QIEXIN PENG Virtual Environments for Structural Health Monitoring REBECCA NAPOLITANO, ANNA BLYTH and BRANKO GLISIC SPECIAL SESSION: DYNAMIC DATA DRIVEN APPLICATIONS SYSTEMS (DDDAS) Wi Stealth: A Fixed Point RSSI Covert Channel using Multi-Modality Filtering Techniques TOMMY CHIN and KAIQI XIONG Intelligent Flight State Identification of a Self-Sensing Wing through Neural Network Modelling XI CHEN, FOTIS KOPSAFTOPOULOS, HAILIN CAO and FU-KUO CHANG Multiscale DDDAS Framework for Damage Prediction in Aerospace Composite Structures with Emphasis on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles MARCO SIMONE PIGAZZINI, ARTEM KOROBENKO and YURI BAZILEVS Structural Assessment and Sensor Placement Strategy for Self-Aware Aerospace Vehicles LAURA MAININI Data-driven State Awareness for Fly-by-feel Aerial Vehicles: Experimental Assessment of a Non-parametric Probabilistic Stall Detection Approach FOTIS KOPSAFTOPOULOS, RAPHAEL NARDARI, YU-HUNG LI and FU-KUO CHANG SPECIAL SESSION: GUIDED WAVES IN STRUCTURES FOR SHM A Reference-Free Guided Wave Based Damage Localization Approach for Highly Dispersive Structures GUOYI LI, ABHISHEK RAJADAS, ADITI CHATTOPADHYAY and DANIEL W.

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