Updating svn

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Lacks information, like your configuration, your transport (HTTP/HTTPS), the messages on the server error log (the most important), if you are running a web-cache service between client and server, etc...

You can make deployments from your repository with SQL Compare Pro, or automate the process with DLM Automation.:) You either need to recheckout the folder with https: (or if you're sneaky clear out the folder except for the .svn, then modify the contents of .svn/entries which has the url from http = I had this problem when I removed a directory form SVN, and then recreated it, when I committed the new added directory, SVN yielded this error.I solved the problem by running a SVN up on the new added directory, and then resolved the conflicts manually.“I'm anxious to get SQL Source Control up and running as I know the only way to deliver high quality SQL code is by having it under a SCM tool, vigorously testing, (thank you for SQL Test) and being able to confidently and consistently build/deploy the code.There is so much that Redgate is doing to make Agile Database Development a reality.

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