Updating steam checking for available update

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I will ride socially a couple of times per month, and find the experience fun and humbling simultaneously.

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Apparently the creators think that their program is so important that it must be up to date constantly or somehow just has to be worth spending your CPU power and RAM… So after 2 years of Vista, we still don’t have a working Java control panel that will enable us to disable the update service.No, I’m not willing to share the manifesto, but I hope it will be worth the wait when/if the book ever comes out.Because I get asked a lot on the blog and through social medial…here goes: I hung up the bike in January 2015 (from a competitive standpoint).The other half of my time is spent working on things I’m not ready to talk about publicly yet, but they are very much related to my interests expressed in the practice.Lastly, I am (slowly) working on turning my 10,000 word longevity manifesto (circa 2014) into a book.

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