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Over the past few months, Voyage Linux community received regular donations from Yawarra Tiny Computers (Yawarra).Yawarra donates to Voyage Linux Community on behalf of their newsletter subscribers who stay on their list for a minimum of three months to qualify for the donation.We also offer SDK to ease customizing Voyage Linux.To broaden the use of Voyage Linux, Voyage Linux community is now looking for generous donation and sponsorship of x86 embedded boards and USB Audio Class 2 DAC/audio converters.It is not about the amount of money donated, but the support to the community through any form of donation is crucial to encourage continuation of the project.To know more about Yawarra Tiny Computers, please visit their web site.For more information about Voyage MPD, please visit: [1] Voyage MPD - [2] Change Log - 0.9.5 Change Log [3] Report to us - One noticeable change is that legacy PATA drivers were now replaced by libata ones.User will now see disk device as /dev/sd X instead of /dev/hd X.

Apart from this donation, today we also announce the kick-off of Voyage Mubox porting to Raspberry Pi.

This project not only aims at running Mu Box on Raspberry Pi, but also provide seamlessly integration of Voyage Mu Box, Raspberry Pi and Hifi Berry DAC.

As an initial proof of concept, we target to port Mu Box to RPi B board with Hifi Berry DAC .

All Voyage Linux users please note that the release cycle of Voyage Linux would be longer in the next releases, at 6-9 months for a new release.

Nevertheless, there are still some planned enhancements in the pipeline, e.g. We are pleased to announce a new release of Voyage MPD[1] 0.10.0 release.

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