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Don’t Talk About Sex – Unless you’re dating a bar girl, talking about sex is just about the last thing you want to do.

For western women, it’s perfectly acceptable to talk about sex and I’ve talked about sex (in an innocent way) in many of my adult classes.

Thai girls love to discuss the food on the menu, talk about their favorite food, the restaurants that sell their favorite food, which food stalls to buy food at and which stalls not to, and basically anything else connected to the purchasing and eating of food.

Learn a little bit about Thai food and you should have at least the first 30 minutes of the conversation wrapped up – no problem.

If you tease her about how much food she eats she’ll love it.

Even the tiniest Thai girls are proud that they can remain a size 0, and still chow down four bowls of noodles.

If she’s interested enough to date you more, if the relationship gets a lot more serious you can talk about money then.

You Can Joke With Her – Thai women love to joke and love to laugh.

Joke about her excessive shopping habits or her cute clothes and don’t forget to laugh at yourself, especially if you’re struggling to learn Thai.

Thais love that you learn their language but they think it’s really funny when you get the words screwed up.

You Can Talk About Family – Thai women love their families more than anything.

Their families will also come first and, in fact, they may even bring a family member on their first few dates with you.

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