Taurus dating advice

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In my humble opinion we are, by far, the most superior and beautifully complex astrological sign in the great expanse of the zodiac. We attain the impulse to surround ourselves with pretty things incessantly.

If you invest in something, you will have it forever.However, whenever I asked myself "What do I want out of a man?" I never knew how to answer that question for myself.If your bae was born between April 20 and May 20, they're a Taurus, and it's not at all hard to fall head over heels for the sensual earth sign.Here are 10 things that make dating a Taurus particularly ~delightful~, no matter what sign you are.1. If you want someone who's pretty much unfailingly down-to-earth, practical, and reliable, you want a Taurus. They'll kiss your neck and surprise you with a sentimental gift.

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