Tall girls intimidating to guys

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One thing Marcus and his ilk can't understand is why females failed to take over the powers of governance as their numbers grew and ours (males) declined drastically. They never understand that in nature it's testosterone that provides the grit to maintain power and stability. To this end she has instituted the tradition of a gala congratulatory party (i.e. As an extra incentive, any girl who volunteers herself for the next meat auction gets her own private suite for a full week, plus a daily massage, exemption from all chores, first crack at all the visiting boys and the right to plan all her meals for the week. These days the fifteen-year-olds can hardly wait to volunteer.

Indeed, as the female population approached overwhelming, the clear-headed men still in power took whatever actions were necessary to force them out of government at every level. They actually come to me and ask when's the next auction they can volunteer for!

At first it was just the miscarriage of male embryos, but shortly male children and adults were dying as well. The most amazing thing she's done is to work with the Education Coordinator to establish a whole new attitude among the females. She's opening my shirt now and kissing her way down my chest.

It's still not known why some males are immune, but it quickly changed the old 50-50 ratio of males to females to today's 3-97 ratio. There's now a 24-7 emphasis on instilling in each girl pride in her destiny, giving her joy in the knowledge that the highest and noblest calling of any female is to offer her body up to feed her fellow humans. I know where this is going and my rod is already up and waiting, ready to render the punishment she wants and so richly deserves.

Sage, who is herself about two weeks from dropping her third, helped deliver it.

They named the calf Sparkler, inspired I guess by the pyrotechnics going on outside their window.

What follows is an excerpt he has allowed me to extract from his daily journal.

Ruthless men who've turned all females into property. Smith Part 1 To: Jason Moore From: Curt Hollowell Jason, I cannot stress this too strongly: that nothing less than the food supply for the entire human race depends on keeping the world's female population under tight control. And, of course, the possibility had not eluded my own thoughts. He got prime virgin pussy at a bargain price (which he has since sold for an obscene profit), and I got a female who sets me afire every time she comes close and has turned into the best damned Fitness Coordinator I've ever had. There's no way I can resist this, and she knows it.He began exercising his manhood at around nine or ten, putting it to any girl he could catch unattended and who was willing to follow him behind some bushes and spread her legs. The look of happy gratitude and relief she threw back at me as she shuffled away in her leg irons made my own heart leap. Happy to steal your finest assets anytime, old friend, he laughed. By the time he was old enough to be admitted into slaughter houses to administer Last Rites to females in the holding pens (only the prettiest, of course), he was six foot three and had a staff of authority that would stretch any girl's sleeve to full capacity. Trent and I settled up with the agent and I was given a receipt to collect my purchase. You just take care of that little beauty you just bought. And maybe you can get that free-spending caterer over there to go after one of your other girls. At first all titles to females were held by fathers, husbands and court appointed guardians; but soon a lively new market developed as females proved to be a hot salable commodity for meat, sex, cheap labor and breeding. For one horrible, silent moment there was no movement, then his paddle came down. The old practice of monogamy quickly gave way to the even older and more practical concept of polygamy, but without the encumbrance of marriage. There was no way he could make a profit if the meat cost him twelve thousand.

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