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It’ll help you make sense of working with NSDate and its companion classes.

People who like to drink are fond of saying “Well, it’s five o’clock “, and it’s my favorite way of illustrating that what time it is depends on where you are.

It’s doing this by making use of a date formatter, which we’ll cover later.

In line 6, we’re using the , which is a completely numeric one.

For example, the North American time zone known as “Eastern” is 5 hours behind UTC, so it’s expressed as UTC-.

There are certain time zones where the offset isn’t whole hours, such as Newfoundland’s, which is UTC-, and Nepal’s, which for some reason is UTC .

By having this standard, we eliminate the confusion that comes up when discussing times.

While most places have some names to refer to time zones in everyday conversation — such as Pacific, Mountain, Central, and Eastern in North America — the clearest way to indicate time zones is to express them as negative or positive offsets from UTC.

The Gregorian calendar — the one that I’m 99.999999% sure that you’re using right now — uses what is said to be the year of the birth of Christ as its reference point.

Update, August 26, 2015: I’ve updated this article so that its code works with Swift 2.

It compiles under the latest version of Xcode 7, beta 6.

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