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We let you know, once and for all, which degrees are worth their cost, and which are worth their weight in gold.The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, of course, has set the standard for polytechnic education in the US since the 1860s.There are relatively few dedicated UX or HCI majors; most degrees are Computer Science or Information Science with a specialization or concentration.Cost, of course, is a concern for most working professionals returning to school to develop a new credential, as well as for first-generation and underprivileged students seeking entry into the professional world in a wide-open field.What is clear is that, whatever it’s called, UX Designers are highly in demand on the job market, with the phrase “designer drought” coming up frequently in publications dedicated to UX design.And while some companies are beginning to develop in-house training and internships in usability, many forward-thinking colleges and universities are taking up the task of preparing students for work in user design.Carnegie Mellon’s Masters of Human-Computer Interaction is the oldest graduate program of its kind, begun in 1996, and one of the standard-setters for what would become known as UX.Students in the HCI program work in teams with industry partners to develop hands-on solutions to problems, focusing on the way humans and computers work together.

UE works to coordinate these elements to allow for the best possible interaction by users.” What it boils down to is this: there are a number of computer scientists, designers, and engineers who are primarily concerned with how human beings interact with computers, and how they, in their role as creators, can make that process more seamless, efficient, and productive.

It’s pioneering work related to UX Design, and Stanford’s high ROI and connections to the hub of technology in Silicon Valley means limitless career potential for graduates.

As a land-grant public university in West Lafayette, IN, Purdue University was founded in the 1860s to provide an accessible and affordable education in agriculture, engineering, and technology to the people of Indiana.

Not surprisingly, this commitment to technology and industrial education came in include computer science as computing emerged and matured, and today Purdue is known for their technological and entrepreneurial innovations.

The Purdue Polytechnic Institute houses many of Purdue’s technology programs, including the MS in Computer Graphics Technology, a program that allows graduate students to concentrate in human centered design and development.

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