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At the turn of the 19th century, the area became popular with tourists due to the easy access from the nearby Leeds and Liverpool Canal.The rapid growth of Southport largely coincided with the Industrial Revolution and the Victorian era.This left behind a legacy of fine agricultural soil and created a booming farming industry.

The locals thought him mad and referred to the building as the Duke's Folly, but Sutton arranged transport links from the canal that ran through Scarisbrick, four miles from the hotel, and trade was remarkably good.

Hesketh Park at the northern end of the town is named after them, having been built on land donated by Rev. The earliest recorded human activity in the region was during the Middle Stone Age, when mesolithic hunter gatherers were attracted by the abundant red deer and elk population, as well as the availability of fish, shellfish and woodland.

Roman coins have been found at Halsall Moss and Crossens, although the Romans never settled southwest Lancashire.

Other seaside bathing areas couldn't really get going until the railways were built some years later.

The Leeds and Liverpool canal brought people from Liverpool, Manchester, Bolton and Wigan amongst others.

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