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At the same time, we can look at what each team's goals were (or should have been) heading into March and gain a sense of whether they did enough to address those concerns.In most cases, we also can plot what they have to do before hitting Week 1.There's nothing inherently wrong in drafting small-school players, as NFL teams have found success with players such as Ali Marpet of Hobart and Pierre Garcon of Mount Union in recent years.When you're using three of your five picks on small-school players, though, it's difficult to believe that an organization is effectively sorting through the player pool and accurately evaluating talent, if only because the sheer number of players at larger schools suggest that you should be more likely to take them than the handful coming out of tiny institutions.They might also have two useful quarterbacks, to be fair, but they appear to be out on an island in terms of their evaluations. They went all-in for small-school prospects in the draft.

After fielding a series of truly terrifying defensive backfields since Charles Tillman and Tim Jennings left town, they finally invested in upgrades this offseason.

It's also fair to have concerns about the finances of both deals.

The Lions totally reset the right tackle market with the Wagner deal.

It's tempting to try to hold out for a Sam Bradford-sized trade offer, but it's rare for teams to lose their starting quarterback in training camp or the preseason and send a first-round pick to another team to acquire a quarterback.

It's also more plausible that a team in that situation would look up Jay Cutler or Tony Romo before sending away a first-round pick to get a relative question mark like Glennon.

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