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Jena is a new LOL player and twitch Streamer, i have been following her since she started and i didn't even know about C9 until i watched her stream a month ago.She's Friends with them, Hilarious, and not to mention gorgeous!Do it in conjunction with my other seduction routines and you will have the girl take you back home that very night instead of making you wait several months.And hey; I just told you about her eyes and lower lip, you can always go exploring in the nape of her neck, the small of her back; you never know.

If you have observed long-term couples together, you’ll notice a something very interesting.

When comfort is missing, you will just be an interesting guy who will soon turn needy and predictable.

In order to fast-forward love and sex, here’s the magic formula to operate by: 30% Attraction 70% Comfort = Love That’s the reason why most girls will make you wait for months on end.

Attraction is just the spice; the main fodder for sex is comfort.

When attraction is amiss, you’re soon deported to the ‘lets-just-be-friends’ zone.

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