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You can read your ex boyfriends mind and see if he does want you back, just look for these 3 revealing signs.

If your ex wanted you back, it is not difficult to see, because body language, is very hard to hide.

It is not just being thoughtful your ex boy friend is keeping his memory foremost in your mind, so you will not start dating someone else while he is trying to figure out what to do.

He does not want you to exchange him for someone else. Well, I would say, the best way to find that out, for sure, is to follow a good plan for reconnection.

Once, you get your life back, everything else will just start to fall into place…I promise.If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time to start getting suspicious. This one is tricky, because we’re not saying that surprise sweet gestures necessarily translate to cheater.For better or worse, we’re all attached to our phones, but if you notice your guy takes his with him every single time he leaves the room—even if it’s just to go into the kitchen to get a glass of water, or into the bathroom, there’s a good chance your suspicions could be legit. However, if one or more points on this list ring true your guy suddenly starts bringing you flowers for no reason or buying you expensive gifts out of the blue, he could be feeling guilty about something. Doing this means you can’t see incoming text messages on his phone.Does he promise he’ll call you right back and you don’t hear from him for two days? Does it take him 12 hours to text you back or answer an email?Does he go away with his buddies for the weekend without texting or calling once? There’s nothing wrong with burning the midnight oil from time to time, but if you notice your man’s suddenly become a bonafide cliché—saying he has work late all the time on projects he can’t be bothered to explain, or decides to “just crash at the office because it’s so late,” you might want to start doing some investigating.

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