Shroud of turin and carbon 14 dating

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A retraction implies that the paper is flawed, that it should never have been published and that the presented results shouldn't be considered trustworthy.

Unfortunately, while you can scrub a paper from a journal, you can't always erase it from public consciousness.

Scientists residing in the offending countries can still use the software, Jobb explains.

They merely need to (warning, irony alert #2) move to a country less accepting of immigrants.3.

It was the first of these questionnaires that became the basis of Shamim's article.

The journal retracted the article in September 2015 at Amgen's request.

Six of the paper's 12 authors are from Amgen, including senior author Kevin Corbit, and it is not clear who the offending person was; the retraction notice merely says that that person "is no longer employed by Amgen." The Wall Street Journal reported that Corbit was let go from Amgen for fabricating data on what Corbit himself described as "another matter."Amgen is concerned about this, and The Wall Street Journal is reporting on this, because the findings, if true, could have significant implications for understanding both the evolutionary cause for diabetes and a drug pathway to treat it.

The co-authors on the study from Washington State University and the University of Idaho have said they remain confident of the core result and are now repeating the study. [Gallery: Polar Bears Swimming in the Arctic Ocean]2.

One of the most notorious papers that has been retracted is the fraudulent 1998 study by Andrew Wakefield proposing that the MMR vaccine might cause autism.

A blog called Retraction Watch follows the occasionally humorous -- and sometimes scandalous -- world of scientific retractions in great detail.

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