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When Mrs Kabwe was widowed her in-laws summoned a distant cousin to exorcise the ghost.

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We had a lot of orphans, a lot of widows, a lot of widowers," said Kanyanda."The doctors knew, of course, but there was nothing they could do ...

Testing for the HIV virus is up, knowledge has increased and, most importantly, drugs are available to control the spread of the virus and stop it developing into AIDS.

The United Nations estimates there are still 250 new infections a day in Zambia, but that has dropped 27 percent since 2010 and AIDS-related deaths have fallen 11 percent.

Africa has been fighting Aids for more than a decade, with a pitiful outcome in most countries, and some international organisations are beginning to question their approach.

Condoms pour into the continent; consultants enter on high salaries, dispensing advice.

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