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Es bleibt den Betroffenen darum oft nichts anderes übrig, als die einzelnen, aufdringlichen und kritischen SMS-Dienst-Firmen herauszufinden und deren Nummern gezielt mit dem Stop-Befehl zu blocken.

Dass dies aber auch nicht immer hilft, zeigt aber die Geschichte eines «Espresso»-Hörers (Beitrag: «Nervige Sex-SMS trotz Stop All und Sterneintrag»).

Internet slag is changing and evolving faster than any known language so far.

From gaming chats to blog comments to sexting (sex texting) to who knows what's next, there are more and more terms cropping up everyday and it's getting harder and harder to keep up with them.

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If you shield your eyes when your lover is getting changed or can’t belch after a good meal, chances are there will always be an air of awkwardness. Compromise doesn’t exist You actively avoid doing things your partner likes rather than embracing them to learn more about what makes them tick. You ask how the cats are before how your partner is The first question on a phone call should be about your partner. You zone out when they tell a story When you even start nodding at the wrong places, then you are definitely out of tune. You blame your partner rather than defend them If someone pulls up your OH about something, you should be making excuses for them rather than agreeing. If none of this happens and all activities involve different rooms or heavy use of earphones then its bad news. Differing politics A socialist will never live with a UKIP supporter. In the first month, you might make allowances for their radical views but down the line you will do nothing but violently argue. Competition is a staple of the relationship You are constantly trying to outdo your partner in things such as who makes the biggest salary or who the dog wags its tail more for. Sex is no longer exciting It has become a chore and masturbation has become preferable as its quicker and less effort. If you have ‘It’s Complicated’ on Facebook then you might as well replace it with ‘It’s Doomed’ 15.

Public Health England recommend that gay men should test every three months if they regularly have unprotected sex with new partners.

When you are in a relationship that is destined to crash and burn, there are some pretty telltale signs to look out for. Duvet sharing becomes a thing of the past Separate duvets pretty much ends bedroom intimacy.

We’re not saying that if one or two of these things are part of your relationship then it will fail but if you can nod your head sadly at more than you can dismiss then it might be time to re-evaluate your romantic situation. Pet names become insults Instead of calling your OH bae or princess, you call them less flattering names which I won’t soil your eyes with. A quick cuddle and shuffle before entering your individual cocoons is a little more acceptable but still not great. You don’t say bye when you go to work If the last thing you say is to remind your partner that its blue bin day then something is not right. You can’t pee in front of each other Sorry, but a relationship NEEDS utter comfort around each other. Your night time activities are always separate Epic couples watch TV together, go out together, play video games together and sometimes even share a book. You notice your partner’s noisy eating Their apple crunching drives you insane and even the TV being turned up to volume 100 won’t stop you noticing it. You pretend you’re single to other people Something is seriously wrong if you avoid all mention of your relationship status.

Bei Sunrise und Orange verweisen auf den persönlichen Kundenbereich auf ihrer Webseite oder in der jeweiligen App.

Doch hier ist das Finden der Blockierfunktion unübersichtlich und zeitraubend.

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