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Instead, we have to look at the ethical and moral principles in an industry that creates models of women for men to orgasm into. That should trouble us – we are creating products for men which send a message that the best woman is a compliant and silent one.

That the best woman is one who lies back and “likes what you like, dislikes what you dislike”, to quote the True Companion website, who is “always ready to talk and play” but whose voice you can turn off whenever you want.

That, and a setting designed to eroticise a woman’s lack of consent, suggest that Frigid Farrah will have no impact on reducing sexual assault.

However, just as the research fails to find a causal link between access to the sex industry and reducing violence, there is no research proving a causal link between violent pornography and gender-based violence. They create a world for their owners where women’s voices and demands and desires and pleasures – and right to say no – are absent.

The idea that allowing men to “rape” robots could reduce rates of sexual violence is fundamentally flawed.

Sex robot settings that eroticise a woman’s lack of consent, coupled with male aggression, risk normalising rape.

Rape is about power and domination – about violating a woman’s body and her sense of self.

Raping a robot is of course preferable to raping a woman, but the fact is we need to challenge the attitudes and sense of entitlement that cause violent men to rape in the first place.

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