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“I had a bunch of vague and strange research ideas and I would show up to their office with a bunch of bizarre gadgets I had hacked together: microphones, sensors, lots of wires.” Morris finally found a home at the MIT Media Lab.

A budding coder, Morris spent much of his time on a site called Stack Overflow, a critical resource for programmers looking for help on thorny problems.

Was there a way to distribute the mental health resources of Koko more broadly, not just in a single app, but to anywhere people gathered online to socialize and share their feelings?

Over the last year the team at Koko has been building a system that would do just that, and in the process, create an empathy layer for the internet.

For each completed task the MTurk workers were paid a few cents.

Using an online ad for a stress-reduction study, Morris recruited a few hundred volunteers in order to fully test the system.

In a horrific turn of events, authorities say Eisenhauer lured Lovell to meet him, then murdered her.

Morris was blown away by the community’s ability to help him on demand and free of charge and wondered if that crowdsourced model could be applied to other personal challenges.

“I struggled with depression on and off for much of my life, but my early time at MIT was especially difficult,” he recalls.

To quickly build and test the platform, Morris needed users.

So he turned to Mechanical Turk, an online marketplace where anyone can crowdsource simple tasks for a small payment.

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