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Talking about a five-month stint in The History Boys in 2006, Corden said he and co-star Dominic would frequent bars in New York's theatre district, known as Hells Kitchen.He said: "There's a high density of (a) dancers and (b) gay men.For her it was like, "follow my lead" type of thing, she was very confident. Tuesday we got to know each other a little bit more sober, actually talking. " And he's like, "a third party." I said, "do they not know what show we work on? I was complimenting her, "Yo, you built your brand, you built everything off of these wow moments." And my season with Rachel, I had a lot wow moments. We are three shots in and I remember, I had my big mixed drink in my hand. We kind of both were like, "We had a fun night..." You get the picture. We're up there, drinking, having fun..someone says one of the producers wants to talk to you.

"They were like 'no, we are going to pour five cups of coffee in your ass'." To groans from the studio audience he quipped that he wouldn't be repeating the experience.

It's a great feeling because if you are in it, you understand how you could find love. What I liked about Corinne was the zero f--ks attitude. It's crazy because when you're a man, mostly African-American men, no matter where you are, you look for things that will help you out. For me, 100 percent, it never once hit me, "this girl is too drunk."How long did the oral sex go on for? At what point did you find out something is terribly wrong and filming is going to be suspended? I'm going to need you to tell Chris and the crew you love them, but you're not there for the right reasons."I'm like, "What the f--k! "I asked him that, yeah, and he's like, "Well, she didn't say anything." "So then why are we caring? So I get into the van and I go back to the hotel room. The next morning they didn't want me to be on set for whatever reason. Last thing I want to do is come here and be like, "Yeah let me get wild and crazy in the pool and then everybody loses their jobs."Did you get to see your castmates and Corinne before you left? " The next thing you know I feel like Beyoncé announcing she had the twins... There's people out here who are in my situation right now who would be in jail because they cannot.

You're in Mexico, you have great food, great drinks…the ambience is just magnificent. She's just very out there, like a very spiritual vibe. We were complimenting each other on being villains. In real life, I hang out with my grandmother on weekends. The thing is that we had all just got going, we were all talking and mingling... At that moment, I made sure the cameras followed us. We filmed Sunday..filmed all day Monday, all day Tuesday. No, she started to mack on Vinny [Ventiera] by shame her, it's Paradise! " [The producer said], "Let's just say, I know things and it would be best but it's going to be bad if you don't leave tonight." I'm confused... The whole Corinne incident starts coming back in my mind... I'm like, "There's no way it has to do with this, there were people there...we're good."I'm like, "Dude, do you know my situation? If you're upset about people having sex, go get another job. "Well, it's a workplace environment and we take these things serious"...[I asked] "Was it a castmate? I was the number-one trending person in the world for three straight days.

"So if you’re young, straight, English and in the hottest play in New York City, you're gonna get laid. "I’d basically pick up the women Dominic didn’t want, but I was more than happy with that." James has since become a huge star in the US, after landing his own late night chat show which includes his hugely popular Carpool Karaoke sketches.

This week the host was joined by chart superstar Sam Smith and pop band Fifth Harmony for a hysterical chat and montage of his biggest hits.

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