Sex and dating nigerian men

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That Nigerians are not comfortable with such public declarations and have not completely embraced westernization is due, to a large extent, on the hold the traditional African culture has on the vast majority of the populace.

At the core of every Nigerian, and indeed every African, is the thumbprint, the umbilical cord of their ancestors.

Naija brodas on the other hand seem to have mastered some of the weird reasons why our women love them and have perfected them.

Below are some of the reasons Nairobi women admire Naija brodas ​ Mogaka you can keep your Nyamira Express bus ticket we are flying to Lagos. In fact they love anybody who was born beyond Eastern Africa.

These are the same men who can fly to Europe without a shilling and still survive without being arrested.

Women love the dash of danger which makes them imagine how adventurous they can get in bed.

they probably hope that one day his lies will translate to all those riches and travel plans he has been talking about.

Chinedu owns a suit imported from Giorgio Armani headquarters in Italy although he lives in a Sh.15000 servants Quarter in Lavington.

A Nigerian may be well read, well educated and well traveled, in the end though, he will succumb to the weight and influence of the Nigerian culture.Although you might have to sell it some time in future for survival purposes, you must admit that he actually tried.A Kenyan man will only get you a gift when they cheat on you.But who really cares about his two sufurias when he can show up in a chopper in your village.Omusakhulu on the other hand only owns one three buttoned oversize suit. Avoid dating these women at all costs in 2018 Ikwechuku will promise you heaven and earth but hardly delivers and the ladies know it too.

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