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It also looks as if at least a part of these apps are using the some HTML similar to what has been recently rolled out to m. Given their talk of commitment to HTML5, Facebook likely wants to make an app that is as portable as possible.That is, while it may be built first for i OS, it can easily be ported to Android and other platforms with the HTML5 elements in place.Something massive — documents and images outlining what appears to be a new Facebook i Phone app built around photo sharing.

Also, some images make it seem as if the service will eventually reside within the existing Facebook i Phone app, while others seem to showcase an entirely new app (or a completely redesigned Facebook app). It would make a lot of sense for Facebook, which is by far the largest photo service on the Internet with close to 100 billion photos, to make their own dedicated photo app.

Josh previously served as host and co-executive producer of the Syfy Channel series Destination Truth and as host of Syfy’s Ghost Hunters Live.

He has appeared on the Today show, CNN and a variety of other national television and radio programs.

The new original Travel Channel series Expedition Unknown, which premiered in January 2015, chronicles Josh's adventures as he explores unsolved iconic legends across the globe, such as the disappearance of Amelia Earhart in the South Pacific, the location of Captain Morgan’s treasure in Panama and the city of gold — El Dorado — in Peru.

An avid scuba diver and photographer, Josh has participated in subsea archaeological excavations in the Mediterranean, and his wanderlust has taken him from sweltering African deserts to the icy shores of Antarctica.

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