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Occasionally a student will be reluctant to accept disciplinary actions, such as staying a few minutes after class, changing seats, or taking a detention slip.

This is the time to invoke what I call the “fairness doctrine.” I point out to the student that if I don't discipline him, it is not fair to others who have done similar activities and suffered a penalty.

I end up by saying, “How would you feel if I disciplined you today and then you see me let a classmate get away with the same misbehavior tomorrow? To give you special treatment would be showing favoritism.” This helps them see that, not only is it a fair thing to do, but to let them off would garner disapproval of their peers who would see this as a teacher giving an individual special treatment.

Too often teachers only interact with students when there is a disruption.

Offering positive reinforcement, being consistent, smiling, and listening to their concerns all help to gain students' trust and friendship.

Work at getting to know your students as individuals. Initiate conversations with them about sports, TV, or school activities, or compliment them on their clothing.

When leading a class activity, you may be able to talk privately about a discipline issue at the student's desk or catch him as he leaves class.

This allows for better, more genuine exchanges, since the student responses will not be witnessed by classmates.

So, how do you manage a classroom without taking away students' dignity? Whenever possible, try to handle discipline issues without an audience.Having some previous interactions that were positive may help.Though having “favorites” is not a good idea, it doesn't hurt to make a special effort to build a friendship with those who may become your problem students.If a teacher is open to receiving feedback, this can bring about a better level of mutual respect.If a student raises a concern about a school policy, an assignment, or grading, we discuss it.

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