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born 25 June 1977) is an English dancer, model, and retired professional wrestler best known for her time in WWE.She was the final original WWE Women's Champion until the title was deactivated in 2010.Afterward they dragged her into the showers, fully clothed, where they proceeded to spank her while laughing.At October's No Mercy pay-per-view event, she embarrassed The Miz by tricking him into getting a lap dance from Big Dick Johnson while he was blindfolded and expecting it to be from her as a birthday gift.The writers in charge of works focused on Heterosexual Life-Partners may play around with this. In many old films, characters are often given descriptions that may be perceived as code words for gay.Such words include eccentric, queer, confirmed/lifelong bachelor, or other words that can just as easily mean their conventional definitions without subtext.

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She is also the first Diva Search winner to have won the championship, and the final recognized WWE Women's Champion as the title was retired in 2010.

Also compare/contrast with Mistaken for Gay, Transparent Closet, and some types of Have I Mentioned I Am Heterosexual Today?

, in which the character's dubious sexuality is much more openly questioned.

A male character may lisp, and have an interest in fashion and musicals.

He may be unusually fastidious in dress and grooming.

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