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Matchmaking service the Dating Ring has even launched a crowdfunded campaign to send New York's single women to meet all of San Francisco's "eligible bachelors." At first, as women do, I internalized the problem ("the glasses are distracting"; "I'm going to the wrong places").

It didn't help my ego that in January, Marie Claire pinpointed our fair city as one of the top five "great places for single girls." After attempting almost comical displays of "approachability" that have to be seen to be believed (trust me), I acknowledged the sobering truth: The courtship culture in San Francisco is not normal.

Winter is right around the corner the perfect time to meet that someone special and snuggle up for the cold months ahead.

So guys, it may be time to come up with some new material. She went undercover in local bars to compile a list of the worst pick up tactics out there, like what she calls the "bump and feel" trick.

This study aims to fill that gap and help understand the importance of the involvement of women throughout the history of Mexico, and offer a privileged insight to their lives and experiences.

If you're interested in more of De Anna's love lessons, San Diego's Dating Coach has her radio show..more information click on the hot button at cbs 8 dot com and we'll link you to her website.

The constant changes that occur in a globalized world have pushed gender equality to the forefront of many debates in the western world.

Nevertheless, cultural values continue to influence the way in which governments, societies, and individuals behave in regard to the roles that men and women play.

And ladies, how do you gracefully fend off a callous come-on?

News 8's Jeff Zevely received some tactful tips from San Diego's Dating Coach.

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