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Two trenches were excavated using only trowels, brushes, and ice picks in arbitrary levels or spits of 10 cm.

The excavated soil was sieved using 0.2 cm and 0.5 cm wire meshes in order to retrieve small pieces of artefacts.

Briefly, the preliminary results of the analyses of the assemblage recorded a total of about 256,464 pieces of pottery sherds, weighing approximately 183 kilograms.

The pottery sherds consisted of mainly body sherds, while some were broken parts of bases, handles, flanges, knobs, lids and fragments of pottery stove.

The excavations have uncovered new evidence of ancient human habitation in the Semporna region, covering the late Palaeolithic period to the Neolithic, Metal and early historical periods.

Radiocarbon dating analyses carried out at some of these sites placed them to range from about 10,730 BCE to 1280 CE.

The excavations at Bukit Tengkorak revealed the findings of pottery sherds, stone tools and faunal remains.

A majority of the pottery was plain while the remaining sherds were decorated with impressed, incised, red-slipped, and perforated designs.

Some 3,664 stone artefacts were also found during the excavations, comprising nine main classes of stone types: core, hammerstone, borer, adze, utilized flake, flake, waste flake and chunk.

Excavations at Bukit Tengkorak were carried out at one of the archaeologically potential areas situated at the summit of Bukit Tengkorak.

This area was excavated in order to further assess its potential for more excavations and to determine if the location is disturbed or not.

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