Ryo nishikido and erika sawajiri dating

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The series main theme song "Cool Whispers" by Ike Yoshihiro is pretty darn catchy too and like Celine Dion did with Titanic, meshes perfectly with the series.I encourage those who enjoy well done romantic goo to find & watch this emotionally fervid series.Because of his "evil tongue-ness," he had a long standing conflict with Ueda from KAT-TUN. If you had seen the drama 1 Litre of Tears, you got a glimps of his true personality. That love letter was like a reality check for their relationship. What he thought as helping her was only hurting her. I was looking out for him in the musicstation superlive video, but I didnt see him perform with News. T_T huhu, these 2 kids(aya and asou) seriously wanna give me a nervous breakdown. show hosted by KAT-TUN and they asked NEWS "who is the most hated member of NEWS? and then he goes on and says "It's not like or dislike...." Ryo has always had beef with Ueda ever since they were juniors.... I'm pissed because Ueda didn't do anything and I admire him because he doesn't "fight back" (probably think this war is too immature) Yea... maybe this whole war is a gimmick because Ryo wants attention Ryo is cute tho.. anyways, Kame already talked to Ryo to stop being mean to him. Eh, who wouldn't love Yamapi Have you checked out Helen's blog?He looked up at his father in a hollow expression and said, "You are right all along." I think I'm going to cry again... He's "evil tongued" is only makes him different from others.. Like there's 1 picture where he wore hat and sunglasses ( i'll try to search this pic again..), even thougth we cant see his eyes and hair..he still looks good.his face line is perfect!! I feel bad for Ueda but i think in this other show Ryo wrote a letter apologizing (.making peace.explaining: why the grudge) to Uedahi i know about the "war " between Ueda and Ryo nishikido( ) and i don't understand why he hates ueda (because he really hates him) it seems in the letter of apology he said him that he was sorry but in some comments we understand that it was a letter which contains some sarcastic comments (i think this letter was more intended for public opinion) so we can say that this war isn't finished but I'd really wish to know why does he worry about Ueda's style? Ueda only intents to know what image he wants to have for himself and us. ^ i wonder why too..did Ryo start a fight with Ueda??? And i think he stop..maybe that's why he wrote the letter...who i hope the Ueda and Ryo thing ends bcuz Ryo is really hot and Ueda is kawaii and i don't want to hate Ryo for being mean ne and Ryo is such a hottie and i think he should just leave Ueda alone my sister liked ryo nishikido too but since she knows he was mean with ueda she dislikes him because she said nobody must touch or hurt her ueda ( she 's 13 years old too) i understand her because when you see someone attacks other person who seems sensitive and who doesn't fight back you can't tolerate that. ...i swear it's like an encyclopedia of Johnny's Entertainment...Nishikido Ryo I 'm so in love with him, he 's the coolest guy in News. I searched it in Jdrama but found no drama by this name. So refered in Official site, Ryo on the 4th place of the cast list. He always be the coolest guy (both in New S and K8) , which i think that he really is, in reality..,means that he still the same person even if he was in 2 different groups.. moreover all of us are in this situation because we try to know ourselves, know who are we. moreover he openly hurts him in front of everybody. I learned so muchwow, Supersephiroth, it's amazing ^.^ i love ryo too!but I like his perform with Kanjani 8, especially when he with Yokoyama Yu from K8 his image is younger than when he with News, very cute!! Does anyone know how important is his role, or how long does he play a role in one episode. (not all people can act the way they are in different place..) and i have to admit it that he is one the most "kakkoi" boy ... Can we understand what Ueda feels about this ok it's established... i'm so happy i found this thread he's so cute but he likes to bully; have u guyz seen the clip where kusano gets slapped by ryo cuz he said ryo his putting on this shy and cute facade but he's actually not?Their romance was, even with all the emotional corn syrup, touching and warm hearted.Their courtship's development was very sweet and wonderfully detailed in small charming ways that would elude most American TV programmers out to find the new Dawsons Creek/Gossip Girl oversexualized fakery.

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Drippy, gooey and overly sentimental but isn't that also what Titanic was and it certainly didn't hurt Titanic.

Not the silent, moody kind of cool, but the "evil-tongued" bully kind of cool. It felt as if I really did went through that 10 years with those characters. Because of his "evil tongue-ness," he had a long standing conflict with Ueda from KAT-TUN. If you had seen the drama 1 Litre of Tears, you got a glimps of his true personality. I was amused with his character in 1Litre...pretending to be serious and unaffected, but then he dished out his one-liners....nah, I dont really feel like laughing out loud. Unless they gave him the same model for both the March shoot and last years Nov/December shoot with the Christmas theme....

cos dey look cute together(: On variety shows, Nishikido is always the coolest guy. His mean remarks against members of his own group (Boy group called NEWS w/ Yama P) and other Johnny's groups is legendary. and helen's blog is really sugoi ne i have learned lots from her blog ^-^No, I don't think that's Lena.

I dare you not to be brought to tears at least once and luxuriate in it's sweet teenage romantic angst of the heart.

Poor boy, rich girl, interfering parents, handicapped sibling, romantic theme song, conniving exes..the Kleenex ready.

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