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Plus, it is hard to deny when Li Yi Feng was spotted going to Korea for a short stay of 12 hours, exactly at the same time as when Lee Da Hae was celebrating her birthday!It is well known that Lee Da Hae had a LOT of projects in China and can speak Mandarin pretty much, so it is not that surprising after all that this international relationship happened.First, we have Li Yi feng being possibily in a relationship with Korean top actress Lee Da Hae.Haha, it is the second time for Li Yifeng to be associated with Korea, the first time being for our Fashion Feature Korea vs China.The production team and casts of Office Girls have gathered on September 3rd, 2011 for spicy hot pot to celebrate the success of idol drama Office Girls, and to celebrate in advance the birthday of Roy Chiu who turns 30 in two weeks time.

Well well well, one thing is for sure, and that is that Rainie Yang should definitely be getting into a relationship and be happy!Floral used to be a no no for much younger me seeking the sleek modern vibes conveyed by black, white and generally muted solid colors.The florals of the housewife 50’s or the hippie 70’s were not for me, but in recent years the pattern has morphed into a new era of anything goes as long as you wear it with lots of joy and fun.When I think Rainie I think hustle and grit, a strong desire for success and achievement and she’s worked her way there even if she’s not the prettiest actress around or the strongest singer.I love everything she does for that hardworking ethos and can safely say she keeps improving on herself, aging like fine wine.

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