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Days before he was found dead of suspected suicide, the Ty Pozzobon known and loved among rodeo people was, in a sense, already gone.The elfin charm and self-assurance had vanished, leaving behind a husk of a man given to brooding and irrational impulses.He was slurring his words, she recalls, and seemed to think he was fit to travel to his next event.So she quickly enlisted Byrne’s father-in-law to intercept him at the terminal.“He’d have a thought and by the next sentence couldn’t remember what he’d just been thinking about,” she says from her home in Merritt, B. “He was making decisions that were just not like him.” Pozzobon had suffered at least 12 concussions, according to friends and family who spoke to , a degree of head trauma known to leave profound post-injury effects.An inability to inhibit impulses is among the most common, says Dr.The bullfighters scramble to help, but the damage is done.

She’d hardly begun to protest when the 25-year-old changed his mind—then changed it back again in a pattern that continued for the rest of the day.The bull, a 680-kg behemoth named Boot Strap Bill, had then stepped on Pozzobon’s head, shattering the hockey helmet he wore for protection.“The look in his eyes changed after that,” says Leanne.In October, at the PBR World Finals in Las Vegas, a 650-kg bull named Smokey White Devil outright fell on him (“Ty Pozzobon, thankfully, up and walking around! In April 2013, a notorious spinner named Carolina Kicker duplicated the blow delivered by Seven & Seven, leaving Pozzobon unconscious and akimbo on an arena floor in Louisville, Ky.Whether doctors urged Pozzobon to stop competing at that point isn’t known.

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