Riftpatch needs updating error

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* Burning Purpose: Polymorph, Confuse, Root, and Fear effects will not trigger the damage proc. * Coda of Cowardice: Debuff should now be in the same stacking group as the Archon's Ashen Defense and the Shaman's Vengeance of the Piercing Cold.ASSASSIN * Expose Weakness: Fixed a bug so that the charges of this ability are only consumed by physical damage effects. * Using Verse of Fascination or Verse of Captivation now turns off auto-attack, since these effects break on damage.* Experience for Rift, Invasion, and Foothold content now scales down from these increased levels when very oversized groups are participating – with the net result being that very large groups should see experience values similar to the amounts granted prior to this update.Smaller groups will see increased experience reward.ANCIENT WARDSTONES * Quests for Ancient Wardstones are now labeled as such in your quest journal.

BLADEDANCER * Dancing Steel: Fixed so that it includes immunity to knockback when active.* Blade Tempo, Blade and Soul Parity, Dualism, Double Coup: Removed from global cooldown. CABALIST * Nebulous Haze: Now only increases cast time by the 20% shown in the tooltip.CHLOROMANCER * Entropic Veil: Will no longer be overwritten by less effective buffs.All contributors should receive at least some Planarite.* Reduced the amount of zone event participation required to earn the rare Sourceshards.

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