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Rebadged as Megatron, the BMW engines were used by the Arrows team for the 19 seasons, as well as Ligier for 1987 only.In the final season for the turbos, Arrows were one of only six teams still running turbocharged engines and the only team to still use the old BMW engines.Benetton would not continue with the BMW engines in 1987 after the Bavarian company had announced they were pulling out of Formula One, instead they became the de facto factory Ford team using their V6 Ford TEC turbo in the BMW's place.During the 1986 Italian Grand Prix at Monza, Gerhard Berger's BMW powered Benetton B186 recorded the highest straight line speed by a turbocharged Formula One car when he was timed at 352.22 km/h (219 mph).After some development, power, driveability and reliability improved, especially in the IMSA car, and BMW began to think about entering F1, where a handicap factor of 2.0 required 1500 cc engines.With the BMW badged as Megatron in this A10B chassis, drivers Eddie Cheever (pictured at the 2008 Goodwood Festival of Speed) and Derek Warwick ensured that 1988 was Arrows' most successful year in Formula One, thanks to frequent points finishes.It was the first Drivers' Championship to be won using a turbocharged engine.The engine also powered the BMW GTP and in the 2.0 liter naturally aspirated form, the successful March Engineering Formula Two cars.

During 1986 however it was the Benetton team using the conventional upright BMW M12 who would be the leading BMW runner in Formula One, with Gerhard Berger scoring his and the team's first (and the BMW engine's last) win by winning the 1986 Mexican Grand Prix.The race was also significant as it was the first time Heini Mader had solved the problem caused by the FIA's boost limit valve which limited turbo boost pressure to 4.0 Bar in 1987 and 2.5 Bar in 1988.By moving the valve closer to the engine, the problem of the turbo not delivering enough boost had been solved and the Arrows A10B's were among the fastest on the long Monza straights, faster even than the all-conquering Mc Laren-Hondas into which designer Steve Nichols had effectively incorporated elements of Gordon Murray's lowline Brabham design as well as featuring a more powerful V6 engine.19 were lean years for the BMW engines in Formula One.Piquet scored the Brabham team's last three wins over the two seasons, winning the 1984 Canadian and Detroit races, and the 1985 French Grand Prix, though the engine was generally regarded as the most powerful in F1 at the time, producing a maximum output of approximately 1,100 hp (820 k W) in qualifying trim by 1985.

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