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Sources for video clips include news, movies, music video and amateur video shot.

In addition to clips recorded by high-quality camcorders, it has become more common to produce clips with digital cameras, webcams, and mobile phones. With online entertainment sites delivering high-quality television programming content free of charge, online video entertainment is rising in popularity. MAGNA estimated that online video advertisement spending will approach nearly US0 million in 2008, a 32% increase from 2008.

In May 2006, The Economist reported that 90% of clips on You Tube came from amateurs, a few of whom are young comedians. In 2005, two Chinese students Huang Yixin and Wei Wei, now dubbed as "Back Dorm Boys", lip-synched to a song by the Backstreet Boys in a video uploaded to some clip websites and became quickly renowned.

His performance to Kraftwerk's song Expo 2000 at the Kollaboration talent show in 2001 was widely viewed on the Internet, leading later to his being hired for TV commercials and music videos.

As businesses seek to tighten budgetary allocations, online video is a highly measurable and results-driven delivery platform.

Unlike traditional movies largely dominated by studios, clip movies are overwhelmingly supplied by amateurs.

It is a blog that takes video as the primary content, often accompanied by supporting text, image, and additional metadata to provide context.

Su Li Walker, an analyst with the Yankee Group, said that like blogs, which have become an extension of traditional media, video blogs will be a supplement to traditional broadcasting.

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