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Having sent his party and their prisoners into the forest, La Corne with a few men waited near the fort to see what the garrison would do.

How slight must have been the resistance of the English is shown by the fact that only one Indian was killed and five were slightly wounded.

Unable to secure an entrance into the fort, the savages retreated into the forest with their scalps and prisoners as quickly as they had advanced.

Stevenson (with portraits) Portraits of Isaac Bininger and Wife Residence of Clinton F. Most of tlicse were drowned, or slain by the shots of their relentless pursuers.

21 dropped, and who is now known as General Philip Schuy- ler.

This was Captain Philip John Schuyler, as he was then enrolled, but whose middle name was soon after HISTORY OF WASHIXGTOi X COUx NTY, NEW YORK.

It was not, how- ever, until near the 1st of August that the advance moved up the Hudson under Major-General Phineas Lyman, of Connecticut.

A number which he estimated at a hundred and fifty came outside the gate (showing that there must originally have been over two hundred there), but, warned by the disaster of the morning, they did not ad- vance beyond the shadow of the wall, and soon returned. 95 ^XXIIL— The Medical Society of Washington County . While the first was composed almost entirely of regulars, and the second largely so, the third consisted wholly of provincials, and yet was the only one which met with even partial success. England and her colonies prepared to send three expedi- tions against the principal French strongholds, — one, under General Braddock, against Fort Duquesne ; one, under General Shirley, against Fort Niagara ; and one, under Major-General William Johnson, against Crown Point. A lew others rushed across the fields to the Hudscin and plunged in, fol- lowed to the bank by the yelling savages. Less than fifty of them succeeded in entering, and then the gates were shut, not only on the enemy but on the rearmost of their own men. In a few moments twenty-eight of them were killed and scalped, and forty-five more taken prisoners.

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