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Steve and I had had some discussions regarding if I should wear tights, which I favored, or stockings and suspenders, but Steve's persuasive powers won through!On the taxi's arrival, the taxi driver quickly noticed our uniforms, as we walked down our driveway, he jumped out of his cab, opened the rear door and ushered me into the rear seat.As Steve made a move to join me, Babs said 'Oh not you Steve, this is just for Vicky....a bit of fun to see how brave she really is....' Geoff spread the Twister mat out onto the floor then sat on the nearest chair with the Twister spinner thing on his lap.Steve followed me out of the cab, saying 'think your gonna be really popular tonight, Vicky!' As we walked up towards the house front door, it was opened by Geoff, who quickly but politely looked me up and down.The lounge was huge, 3 large sofa's, four or five lounge chairs, Steve and I sat together on one of the sofas, I was getting increasingly nervous as I was already getting admiring looks from some of the guys as my skirt rode up again as I settled into the sofa.

We made some small talk with some of them for a few minutes, then Geoff appeared with our drinks, saying 'OK everyone through to the lounge now, take your seats as you wish.Steve squeezed in on the rear seat next to me, whispering in my ear about how really sexy I looked in my uniform, which was straw boater hat, white blouse, blue tie, school satchel, skirt now showing my black stocking tops and suspender clips.I just said that I hoped it was worth the trouble of hiring this stuff.' Well the first few spins were pretty tame, my feet and hands easily landing on the colored spots as required, but after a couple more spins it was clear that Geoff was cheating and was only interested in getting me into the most revealing positions.Whichever way I was turning or moving, my skirt was riding up higher and higher, my stocking tops and suspender clips clear for all to see, Geoff's intentions were mainly devoted to getting me into positions where my feet became further and further apart - it was also clear that the other guys in the lounge were really enjoying the display! She said 'We turn this into the strip Twister version....

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