Reading and dating roman coins

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A somewhat restricted range and number of medieval finds was recovered, but together these suggest that occupation spanned the late 12th/early 13th century to the late 14th/early 15th century.

The finds include a notable group of medieval floor tiles and roof furniture.

Occupation during the Early to Middle Neolithic period was demonstrated by the recovery of assemblages of Plain Bowl and Peterborough Ware-style pottery, a rectangular ditched enclosure and numerous pit deposits.

A possible dispersed monument complex including two penannular ditched enclosures and one double ring ditch associated with rare and important remains of cremation burials is of contemporaneous Middle Neolithic date.

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The excavations, carried out in 2007, revealed 82 inhumation graves and four cremation graves, in addition to the 33 inhumation graves discovered in 1974.A forecourt lay to the north and a courtyard with at least one ancillary building and a possible detached kitchen to the south.To the east was a complex of enclosures and pits and beyond this a fishpond.[insert link to web pages] Fieldwork was commissioned independently by Henry Streeter (Sand and Ballast) Ltd on the former ‘Imperial College Sports Ground’ and ‘Land East of Wall Garden Farm’ sites and by RMC Ltd – now CEMEX UK on ‘RMC Land’.The post-excavation analyses were combined further into a joint publication proposal by the Guildhouse Consultancy acting on behalf of both clients.

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