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[A Conventional Radiocarbon Age or CRA, does not take into account specific differences between the activity of different carbon reservoirs.

Radiocarbon samples which obtain their carbon from a different source (or reservoir) than atmospheric carbon may yield what is termed apparent ages.A shellfish alive today in a lake within a limestone catchment, for instance, will yield a radiocarbon date which is excessively old.The reason for this anomaly is that the limestone, which is weathered and dissolved into bicarbonate, has no radioactive carbon.Because the source of the industrial fuels has been predominantly material of infinite geological age ( e.g coal, petroleum), whose radiocarbon content is nil, the radiocarbon activity of the atmosphere has been lowered in the early part of the 20th century up until the 1950's.The atmospheric radiocarbon signal has, in effect, been diluted by about 2%.

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