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For the time being we'll have to take our individual responsibility to move beyond videogame narratives and explore the most urgent societal themes all by ourselves, or perhaps with a little help from our friends of the declining literary world. [WLK-1] 2.2 The Quarantine Zone: 20 Years Later [WLK-2] 2.3 The Quarantine Zone: Outside ...... The restroom contains more useful supplies: [(3/4) ALCOHOL (E/N/-/-)] and a [RAG (E/N/H/-)].

As such, hopefully The Last of Us manages to inspire beyond being a mere captivating experience. Should you have lost any more health, a [HEALTH BAR (E/N/H/S)] in a cabinet near the ledge you climbed up should help balance things out.

Idealism appears to be a foul word these days, but though defeatism is one of its enemies, it still seems that good ideas - combined with bare truths - ultimately have to steer our global village through the 21st century. There are [5 SKILL PILLS (E/N/H/S)] in the cabinet closeby.

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