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But these jibes are not confined to the playground; they continue into adulthood too. Has anyone ever thought about creating a database of spotters' books enabling the people (who still have them after all these years) to poat all relevant information they contain into a database on a website?

The Irish are regarded as thick, the Scots tight-fisted, fat people lazy slobs, plummy-voiced Etonians upper-class twits, soccer supporters beer-swilling thugs, Essex girls blonde bimbos - yet seldom can anyone have suffered so grievously from stereotyping than train spotters. This idea came to me when looking at my old books and I realised that there must be countless thousands of notebooks being lost to skips and dumps rather than being kept for future historians For example, a database has the potential of documenting the movements, existence and accuracy based on a wide range of past observations across the country; I'm thinking of basic things, such as the date; location; engine; train identification and headcode etc - plus any other information that may be considered relevant.

This is an excerpt from the December 1959 issue, in which David Anthony Peart (DAP) writes about the School's Railway Society...'Although the resuscitated Railway Society is comparatively youthful it continues to thrive and members can look back on a most successful year.

It would be unfair to compare him to a camel, for, after all, that was a Great Western engine, but I think we can safely say that this was the last straw.

We are most grateful, however, that he found the time to come and talk to the Society on Compound locomotives and this lecture was most enjoyed.

TONY PEART REMEMBERED by Dave Baldwin and Kevin Howley Dave Baldwin, an ex-pupil of Keighley Boys' Grammar school, recently contacted the site to tell me about Tony Peart, one time English master at Keighley Boys' Grammar school (KBGS) and driving force behind the school's 'Railway Society'.

Dave describes Tony Peart not only as a wonderful teacher, but also the founder of the Doncaster Grammar School's collection of railwayana and the greatest contributor of the museum's artefacts.

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    Nanook The Vikings also may have settled, at least for a bit, in Nanook on Baffin Island.

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