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) Or maybe rope your OH into giving you a leg massage?! Only take it when its really bad as i dont like taking tablets. xxhey hun i mentioned to my gp about deep heat for my back being pregnant (i have 2 slipped discs) and she said it would be fine to rub on my back as its not really going to penetrate anywer to the baby....i said what about the ones with ibuprofen in tho and she sid the amount of ibuprofen in them is minimal so could be used, but yeh she said deep heat is ok......i guess its a judgment call tho hun and whatever u feel comfortable with xxxi dont think a bit of deep heat would hurt, just apply sparingly...ur not happy to put it on tho until uv asked ur gp thats understandable.iv had back ache last few weeks but made do without putting anything on it, i guss im kinda used to the back pain in a few more weeks tho and il prob b saying im keeping deep heat in business lol xxxyeh its going pretty quick now...believe ur on ur v day already!!!Myth 1: One of the most common myths that surround pregnancy is the shape of a woman's stomach.If a woman is carrying high, in all possibility it is a girl and if she is carrying low it is a boy.Heartburn is a common problem for pregnant women and have nothing to do with the quantity of hair for your child.

i cant sit on the toilet without holding the bath and wall. I was wondering if deep heat or that freeze stuff with help.. Pregnancy and breast-feeding If you are trying to become pregnant, are pregnant, or are breast-feeding, you should seek medical advice before having this medicine.last couple of days i havent really felt pregnant maybe its coz im full of a cold)...days leading up tomy cold Jacob had started giving me little nudges but not really getting them now...doppler on last night as was worried....hubby said hes prob shattered as im constantly coughing or sneezing and im not sleeping very well either with it xxx I was like this week before last and ended up at the hosp because i worked myself up so much!I couldnt feel him move much over 3 days and MWs up hosp said to come in to listen to heartbeat for reassurance.For flights under four hours, travel is often not permitted after 38 weeks.If you are 28 weeks or more, airlines will often ask you to present a letter from your doctor.

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