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Once again the issue of sexting hits the headlines…this time with NYC mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner's (aka online alias "Carlos Danger") sexting scandal. Weiner's decisions will continue to haunt him, his career, and his personal life for quite some time.A concerned parent contacted me after I posted my last sexting blog because he found out that his teen daughter was sexting.

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The dialogue in the film is sharp and witty, not the OTT Dawson's Creek or O. And what holds the film together are the great performances from the actors. Lindsay Lohan is perfect as Cady, the clueless girl who gets a taste of popularity and has to have more.When the "banished" Cady ultimately eats her lunch in a bathroom stall, the milk carton goes from sealed (its brand facing the camera) to open with straw inserted (brand of milk now not facing camera) when she sits down.See more » Mean Girls isn't your average teen comedy, which you can tell are written by adults who have no insight into the social politics that revolve around teenage life, and who consequently divide everyone into two groups - cool (jocks and cheerleaders) and uncool (goths and science nerds).And rising Hollywood star Rachel Macadams, as Regina George, is the stand-out in the film as the manipulative bitch who has to stay on top at all costs.Mean Girls isn't just a film for teen girls and gay guys.

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